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Magic Teddy English - Trick or Treat

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Magic Teddy is a set of all-round family English learning series. Totally different from former English teaching materials, it is a distinctive and integrated family guide ebook, which has a set of its own system. In the set of the ebook series, not only the words, sentences, stories, and songs are displayed, but what's more, a systematic and scientific English learning method is provided for children. The whole set of ebooks start from the main character that the children are familiar with and love, and then guide the children to learn English in the tone of activities, step by step. Thus the children accomplish the learning target for each ebook in very exciting activities.

This series of ebooks skillfully integrate English study with natural science. It explains the profound and abundant natural science to children via magic English stories. Also, it guides children to do and experience the magic scientific experiments themselves. It has made a breakthrough in the overlap of children science ebooks and children English ebooks.

Series description:
Hong En Children English series courses are outcomes by Hong En education group committed to Children's English Education overall learning program more than ten years. Teddy Bear series of courses based on the Teddy's growth process, from the "baby" to "little adults", the contents of layers of advanced, easy to difficult, to enable children to learn English from scratch to speak English and sing English songs. All ages of children can use them.

Mini Teddy series (zero-based) – will coming soon
Diapers baby version, the characters of a younger age, simple words and sentences, repeated, will be living habits, emotional management, virtues education into English stories. Babies not only can hear the stories, songs, but also can click to play games by themselves to exercise their small muscles.

Hello Teddy series(Fundamentals)
The series based on Teddy Bear’s growth process and life situations to start "theme story". Learning words, sentences, letters, and phonics. The wonderful songs, very interesting cartoons, vivid dub and rich fun sound effects, so that the children will love English as soon as possible!

Super Teddy(Advanced chapter)
Based on English-thinking educational philosophy, around the story, words, sentences, songs, four themes to teaching, to develop children's spoken English skills and language proficiency. This is a set of international English textebooks for all of the children whose home languages are not English.

Magic Teddy(improve article)
The magic of humorous English story can lead the children to learn words, sentences and songs. The very special interactive game add more interesting in the learning process and improve the children's level of reading comprehension. It also contains a wealth of interesting natural science knowledge and hands-on science experiments. Learning English integrated closely with scientific knowledge. That is a set of "Full English Encyclopedias Ebooks."
Hong En Send Words To Parents:
The portable style of the iPad means that this application can be played anywhere at any time, very useful for places where toys and games are just not practical!

A parent teaching by themselves is admirable, but it can get tiring and time consuming, not to mention inaccuracies in the parents learning being passed on.

Let our app take away the worries and stresses! Using our learning resources not only frees up the parents, but also let kids develop their own style of learning, so they can go on to learn more efficiently, effectively and enjoyably in their own way.

If you are a parent searching useful way of child's studying, download this app now!

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