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iP Easy

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Please, be advise that this app is guaranteed to work perfectly in iOS 7 and lower. In newer systems, some tools may not work properly. Amaca team is at work for releasing a new version of iPEasy.

"iP Easy" makes designing an over-IP video surveillance system easy and affordable for everyone!

"iP Easy" is a configuration-tool that helps you find the IP-camera best suited to the needs of your security system: test countless hardware combination (camera + monitor) and evaluate the results!

Over-IP video surveillance systems require project men and installers to have a good knowledge in the field of Networking: thus, they can avoid both the risk of underestimating the camera model to install (disappointing final expectations) and the risk of overestimating it (with obvious waste of cost!).

• How big will a certain object be on your monitor screen and what image detail level will you get?
• Which is the camera minimum resolution that allows you to get your desired image detail?
• How big my storage is supposed to be and which is the bandwidth requirement of each camera?
• Which focal length should you use to catch a certain width of scene, at a certain distance?
These are the questions that "iP Easy" answers to, very quickly and easily.

The app provides four tools, in as many screen views. Each of them has got a quick help as well as a page with detailed instructions, explaining the meaning of all the shown items.

Once the user inputs a few basic parameters about his system environment, the tools calculate the minimum resolution and the suggested focal length for the IP camera to be used, rather than the view angles, or the size the target will have on his monitor screen.

Just simulate different configurations: see your results and learn how the variables you control can affect the camera sizing.


• 1st Tool: “Find the right camera”
- desired image detail level
- distance of the camera
- width of the scene
- minimum resolution for the IP camera
- suggested focal length

• 2nd Tool: “Bandwidth and Storage”
- the number of cameras of your system
- the number of hours per day, each camera records for
- the number of recording days you want to keep
- bandwidth used by each camera
- storage requirement for your system

• 3rd Tool: “Angles & Area”
- size of the camera sensor
- focal length
- distance of the camera
- horizontal and vertical view angles
- width and height of the camera shot

• 4th Tool: “Monitor output”
- monitor type
- camera resolution
- width of the scene
- the image detail level, in a objective way
- the size the target will have on your monitor screen

The full functionalities of iP Easy are guaranteed at 100% in iOS 6. Some features may not be fully working in iOS 8.

This software is based on standard optical principles and provides reliable results for most of the surveillance IP cameras in the market.
However, some producers integrate such technical solutions that could turn these results to be not completely correct.