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iPCU (iPhone Configuration Utility) lets you easily configure your or other people's iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad to work with your enterprise system OR switch on features that aren't enabled by default or configurable on device.

1) EAP-SIM enabled WiFi hotspot
Whenever accessing the WiFi hotspot below, you are prompted to enter username and password, iPCU can help you get free access to it. Furthermore, it makes your device automatically connected whenever the network is available. (Save 3G traffic and let you enjoy faster WiFi connection)
Operator (WiFi network)
• SwissCom ( MOBILE-EAPSIM )
• Telia ( homerun1x )
• SingTel ( SingTel Highspeed WIFI )
• Free Mobile ( FreeWifi_secure )
• PCCW ( PCCW1x )
Hotspot names are case sensitive. Please enter exactly the same string you see in "Settings"->"Wi-Fi"->"Choose a network..."

2) Setup VPN connections for
• L2TP
• IPsec Cisco
• Cisco AnyConnect
• Juniper SSL
• F5 SSL
• SonicWALL mobile connect
• Aruba VIA

3) Exchange ActiveSync
Best way of setting up your corporate Email, Calendar and Contacts in one shot.

4) Email account
Easily setup Email for both private and enterprise account.

5) LDAP account
The LDAP administrator can set up attribute aliases to improve the mapping of directory information to Contacts on iOS devices.

6) Calendars
Let iOS devices synchronize calendar with your company's CalDAV server OR add read-only subscriptions to the Calendar app.

7) CardDav
Let iOS devices access your company's contact list.

8) Credentials
Add credentials archived in a file format PKCS#12( .p12 or .pfx ).

9) Web Clips (Homescreen shortcut)
Add quick actions such as calling, texting, emailing, opening web.
• Your favorite web ( http://favorite_site )
• Quick dial ( tel://myloves_number. )
• Quick Email launcher ( mailto:// )
• Quick SMS launcher ( sms://homies_number )

10) SCEP
Configure your client iOS devices so your enterprise certificate can be easily provisioned onto devices with the simple certificate enrolment protocol.

11) Mobile device management

12) Advanced
Edit Access Point Name settings.

1) Local install
First create a profile and then tap the Install button. Follow the "Install Profile Howto" in the screenshot image below.

2) Distributing by Email (In-app purchase)
Enter your or others' Email address and then tap the Send button. Later on, all recipients can open up Mail App and the iPCU Email they have received. Tap the attached profile, iPCU.mobileconfig to launch the installer and follow the "Install profile Howto".

3) Distributing on the Web via FTP (In-app purchase) + SMS notification
FTP the profile, iPCU.mobileconfig to your Web server. Your audiences can then install the profile by browsing it from their Safari. iPCU has integrated an SMS notification module to let you easily distribute the URL to your users. Installing a profile is as easy as tapping a URL from the SMS.

4) Distributing by Dropbox (In-app purchase) + SMS notification
Upload the profile to your dropbox. Others can browse it from their safari in order to install it. Notify your user about the profile URL via an SMS. Installing a profile is as easy as tapping a URL from the SMS.

1) Network administrators or IT professionals, from now on forget about being asked over and over again "how to configure our corporate VPN" or "my Email account doesn't work", simply pre-config the profile in iPCU with an "allstaff" Email sent out to your fellow co-workers. Problem solved!

2) If you have a SIM from the operator listed above, you should have access to their WiFi network for FREE. In the case WiFi Hotspot prompts for Username and Password that you don't have, install the profile via iPCU wifi setting; select the secured WiFi network in "Settings"->"Wi-Fi", from now on you have free WiFi.

"You made my day!" is the comment I hear the most from iPCU customers. Thank you all for supporting this app and keep it real!