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OmniMaze is a six-dimensional maze game that will challenge your spatial reasoning, object mapping, and image rotation abilities in addition to your memory and concentration. The premise is simple: navigate from start to finish. What makes OmniMaze difficult is that you can only see one cell of the maze at a time. To navigate three-dimensional space, you'll swipe to move up, down, left, and right and tap to move vertically. To traverse the additional three dimensions, you'll rotate and shake your device. Once you find the finish, try to do so again in fewer moves.

You'll find mazes built on
• 2D surfaces
• 3D surfaces
• Möbius strips
• Klein bottles
• Escher stairways
• Hypercubes
• Additional mazes of varying difficulties are available for purchase within the app.

The dimensions you're used to:
• swipe up and down (x-axis)
• swipe left and right (y-axis)
• tap up and down (z-axis)

Added fun:
• rotate portrait and upside down
• rotate landscape left and right
• shake left and right

OmniMaze is great for developing or improving
• object rotation
• visual recall
• spatial reasoning
• object mapping/visualization
• memory
• concentration
• (and raising frustration levels)

Tip for beginners:
Start with the 2- and 3-D mazes and draw a map of where you are in the space.

OmniMaze will probably make your brain hurt.