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Traffic School Florida

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Designed to help you pass the Florida Class E driver license test; Traffic School Florida is a fun app that consists of over 170 challenging questions based on the traffic legislature covered within the Official Florida Drivers Handbook. A great way to practice for the day of your actual test, Traffic School Florida contains a simulated road signs test, a Class E road rules test and a flash cards revision area, which you can stop and start at any time to fit your busy schedule.

Main Menu

Traffic School Florida's main menu screen offers you the choice of testing your understanding of road signs and Class E road rules, revising your highway knowledge in the flashcards area or viewing your recent high scores. You can also return to the info screen for help at any point.


Each test is designed to prepare you for your driver theory tests by presenting you with a series of 20 multiple-choice questions. There are over 170 questions based on the actual tests and the information contained within the Official Florida Driver's Handbook and though the app chooses each new question at random the test AI tracks your progress and ensures that you'll get to cover all the questions over time.

For each question, you are presented with three and at times two possible answers, if you select the wrong answer, Traffic School Florida will reveal to you the correct answer.

Due to the nature of the mobile platform and so you never have to worry about losing your place or score if interrupted during a test, Traffic School Florida always keeps track of your progress allowing you to return and continue from where you left off.

As you progress through each test a counter in the bottom right-hand corner of the display keeps track of the question you are on. At the end of the test your score is presented to you allowing you to see how well you're doing.

Flash Cards

The flash cards area allows you to explore the different road signs and rules by simply swiping through a series of cards.

On the front of each card is a question; you can reveal the answer by simply tapping the card to flip it over. To reveal the next card swipe the current card to the left. To revisit the previous card, swipe the current card to the right.

A counter in the bottom right-hand corner of the display keeps track of the remaining number of cards in the deck. The end of the deck is indicated when this value reaches zero.

To reshuffle the deck, shake your phone and a dialog will appear asking if you wish to shuffle the deck. Select 'Yes' and the deck will be reshuffled and you will be returned to the start of the deck.


Traffic School Florida keeps track of your top three road signs and road rules scores. Visit the scores screen from the main menu to see how well you are doing.