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Drip Calculator

iPhone / iPad
  • Medical
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Great app for calculating Flow Rate (volume/time) and Drip Rate (number of drops/time).


Thank you all for the thousands who bought the app. Please rate or recommend to your peers if you liked the updated version so I'd be able to make necessary changes as needs arises. The current price is a promo price.

This app has been tested close to a hundred devices. I have not found a problem yet like what 2 of the users has encountered. I will continue to investigate. Thank you all for your precious time.

This app includes more than 50 drugs used in critical care unit such as ICU, CV-ICU, PCU, Telemetry, and other special care unit.

This app is designed for nurses and other medical care personnel who are responsible in the administration of critical care drugs. It is a tool for the medical personnel a way of double checking their calculation in the hope of preventing medication errors.

There was no intention of including the drops per minute in this drip calculator. These drugs are intended to be delivered via an IV pump because of the danger of it to cause harm if the drip rate are not regulated properly. However, for educational purposes and requests of the student nurses who have seen the app as part of the Smart Nurse bundle, the drip per minute calculation has been included here.

This app also include indications, standard and maximum dosages, titrations, contraindications, and nursing responsibilities or considerations during the course of administration of the drug.

If you already own Smart Nurse app, then there is no reason to buy this app. Drip Calculator is part of the Smart Nurse bundle.