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Toys Bounce! HD

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Get ready to enjoy the new pencils and toys moving game on iPad.
If you love matching games and many colors, you should try this highly innovative and catchy puzzle game. A twist on a classic idea, Toys Bounce! HD is a great learning game for kids and a fun relaxing game for everyone. If you have children learning colors then this is an excellent choice!
Incredibly easy to learn! Just touch and drag the pencils to the left or the right to be in the same color order as the toys above.
The starting position of the pencils is not restricted. You are free to form your solution anywhere on the screen.

Toys Bounce! combines challenging levels, with incredibly simple, yet accurate and addicted game play, precise touch control, and bright colorful toys and pencils.
Match colored pencils and colorful toys before the time expires. Each level requires logic and skill to solve.
Toys Bounce! is a delightful, colorful puzzle that puts the color recognition part of your brain to the ultimate test.
Fun and easy game play, polished game and undoubtedly a pleasant experience.

Toys Bounce! Highlights:

There are three game mode:
Quest - the quest for toys begins. You earn a new toy with each level that you complete.
Casual - finish all 50 toys in record time. There is not time limit, just enjoy the game.
Action - Watch out for the life bar. Fill it to get to the next bonus level.

There are 4 colorful themes that you can choose from:
Select your favorite theme when you play by clicking the painting from main menu.

• Great for all ages. Adults challenge their reaction times. Kids reinforce their color recognition.
• For each level you clear in Quest mode, you earn a new toy.
• The colorful art makes matching a treat for both your eyes and your brain.
• “My toys” is the area where you can see all your earned toys .

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