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Personal Concentration

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Personal Concentration is the classic concentration game, also known as memory or pairs.

The game may be personalized: the user may substitute his or her own photos for the original images of the game.

Playing concentration is good memory training. People of all ages can improve their memory. No modern brain research supports the idea that old age itself is a reason for memory deterioration, so do not be surprised if Grandma beats you in this game!

How to play:

The objective of the game is to discover pairs among the cards, which are initially all facing down. The player whose turn it is chooses any two cards and turns them face up. If they match, the player wins the pair (one point) and plays again. If they do not match, play passes to the next player. The non-matching cards are automatically turned face down when the next player turns a card. The game ends when all pairs are discovered and the player with the highest score wins -- there may be a tie.

A strategy hint:

When you think you know which two cards match, turn the one that you are least certain of first. That way, if the card is not the one you hoped for, you won't waste your turn finding out the location of a card that you were already sure of.


To see which discovered pairs are won by a user, press that user's score count: the pairs that contributed to that score will be highlighted.

A card that is turned face up may be enlarged by a double tap. This feature has nothing to do with the game itself, but it lets you enjoy your photos. Tap anywhere outside the zoomed-up image to discard the zoom and return to play mode.

When two non-matching cards are turned face up they are automatically turned face down when another card is turned face up.

There is no time limit to the game. Don't rush it, take your time!


Design, development & original photos: Linnéa Klar
Beta testing: Arvo Kiviranta, Johanna Klahr, Arvid Rudling
Localizations: Linnéa Klar, Agnes Wong, Johannes Finnsson, Clara Schmitow

「 考考記憶力」是一個傳統考驗集中力的配對遊戲。

用戶可以以他或她個人的相片代替已設定的遊戲畫面, 讓遊戲更個人化。

參與此遊戲是很好的記憶力訓練。任何年龄羣都可透過遊戲增強記憶力。從來沒有任何有關腦部研究報告指出年紀大是記憶力衰退的原因。 所以你不要驚訝若婆婆在此遊戲中鸁了你。

遊戲的目的是從一組卡中找出配對的卡, 而所有卡均是背向畫面。參與遊戲者每次選出兩張卡, 然後反轉看見卡正面的畫面。若兩卡畫面相同即可配對, 遊戲者亦可鸁得一分並可再玩一次。若所選的兩張卡未能配對, 請交給另一位遊戲者繼續遊戲。當另一位遊戲者開始遊戲時, 所有卡均會自動調校回背向畫面。當所有卡被成功配對, 遊戲便結束, 而得分最高的遊戲者就是優勝者。

當你認為那兩張卡能配對時, 先揭那張你較不肯定的卡。這樣, 若所選的卡並不是你想要的, 你亦不會浪費遊戲機會去找一張已確定的卡。

若要重看遊戲者從那些配對卡獲得分數, 只需按遊戲者的分數計牌: 那些獲得分數的配對卡便會被突顯出來。
只需在已選的卡面按兩下, 圖像將會放大。此功能並不對遊戲有實際作用, 但讓你更可欣賞自己的照片。只要在已放大的照片以外的位置按一下, 便可取消放大功能及返回遊戲模式。若兩張被揭的卡未能配對, 而有另一張卡被揭開卡面時, 未能配對的兩張卡將會自動翻轉回卡背面向畫面。
遊戲是沒有時限的, 按自己的速度, 不用心急。

遊戲設計、研發及照片: Linnéa Klar
遊戲測試: Arvo Kiviranta, Johanna Klahr, Arvid Rudling
遊戲本地化: Linnéa Klar, Agnes Wong, Johannes Finnsson, Clara Schmitow