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BioClock Dieting

iPhone / iPad
  • Health & Fitness
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Do you wanna dine as usual but slim your figure?
-Built-in alarm system
-Daily biological clock calculation
-"Correct eating time" reminder
-BMI and body fat calculation
-Weight loss target evaluation
-Achieving Weight loss goal time calculation and Achieving recommendations

I bet you didn't know~
How much the body is affected by abnormal eating habits or eating at the wrong time!

Can weight loss be accomplished only by eating less, or even not eating at all and exercising more?
Beware; all that you are losing is the body's water and muscles, and keeping unhealthy fat!

Did you know? With abnormal eating habits, even if you eat very little, it can still result in your body converting and storing 150 calories into fat.
And in 48 days, your body will gain 1KG of fat!

So whether you are trying to lose weight or not,
eating at the correct time is very important!

A lot of reports and knowledge teaches everybody to eat at the correct time,
but when is it the "correct" time?

Following the human body's natural biological clock needs and eating when you're supposed to is what is called "eating at the correct time"

And a human body's biological clock resets every day.
Accurately speaking, the "correct" time to eat everyday is different for every person!

This is a software that applies the "BMAL1" principle that is not generally known by people who are trying to lose weight, yet very important to them.
BMAL1 is a type of protein in the human body; it controls a very important element for people's stocking of fat.

Simply put, the concentration of this protein in the human body differs with time throughout the day; the higher the concentration level, the higher the chance the body will convert the amount of calories taken in and store them into fat!

Many people are interested in losing weight, but they neglect the checking and tracking of body fat⋯
How could they have known that while they were losing water and muscles, fat was also being stored at the same time?

Some people don't eat much, but their weight and body fat still does not decrease much, even slowly resulting in high cholesterol and the increasing of triglyceride, this is very unhealthy.

This software not only precisely calculates and reminds you of the body's biological time and avoids the risk of fat storing, it also provides BMI and body fat measuring.

For people who are trying to lose weight, it also provides evaluation of the time needed to achieve the goal and analytical recommendations, allowing you to grasp the important messages of weight loss, enjoy the easy, healthy and fast weight loss feeling, and own a perfect body figure.

For people who are not trying to lose weight, if they can eat at the correct time according to their biological clock, they can also achieve the effects of maintaining the figure and living healthily.

The simple and convenient operations allow you to easily avoid unnecessary fat accumulation.
Hurry up, download and tryout this healthy, speedy, scientific and miraculous weight loss method!