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little memory - remember the little things in your life

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What if there was a simple way to remember the moments that bring meaning to your life? A little muse to remind you of a chance encounter, a stolen moment, a first step, or a perfect smile? What if you could save those cherished moments in a private space that's all your own, to be discovered later, when you need them the most?

That's little memory: A quiet place just for you. A space for reflecting. A simple way to check in with yourself and take stock of the special moments that make up your life. Be reminded of a first meeting or a milestone in your life. Make note of an accomplishment to meditate on later, remind yourself to keep going...or how far you've come. little memory gently nudges you to take a moment to remember all the little things that brought you to where you are today, while helping chart your course into the future. It's a unique way to draw inspiration from the little moments that often pass us by. Try it today.

Use the little memory:
■ as a time capsule; it's like tweeting to your future self
■ and make every day an anniversary
■ as a pretty introspective person: getting reminders to think about the little things in life and seeing your old memories helps give you perspective on time and on life
■ as an artist: re-live the creation of your art as your memories of your work unfold for you each day
■ as a new parent: imagine seeing the memories of your new-born and recounting your emotions from exactly 1 year from now
■ as a world adventurer: keep a travel journal that brings you back your times on the road

■ see what happened in your life a year/month/week ago
■ daily reminders, so you don't ever miss a day
■ attach a photo to a memory
■ attach a location to a memory
■ mark your favorite memories
■ be inspired by your own words with a morning notification
■ all your memories are private and personal
■ see the length of your longest streak of memories
■ see insights of words used and emotions graphed over time
■ invite your friends via email, messaging, facebook, or twitter
■ the more you use little memory, the more photo credits you earn
■ get an archive of all your memories for your own backup/safe keeping
■ easily share your memories over email, messaging, facebook, or twitter
■ see and share worldwide anonymous memories
■ set the preferred time ago you'd like to get your daily memory inspiration from
■ extra security with https/ssl to ensure your memories are only for your eyes
■ login with 1Password

Premium Features:
■ unlimited photo uploads
■ search
■ extended insights: see graphs of word usage and emotions since your first saved memory
■ get extra security by locking your memories with Touch ID or a secure passcode
■ truly capture the moment with 4-in-1 photos
■ backup your memories automatically with Dropbox every night
■ get text message reminders (for folks allergic to push notifications)

"The beauty of little memory is that it actually restricts you to short entries so keeping up with your journaling doesn't feel like a chore."

"Oscar Wilde said that our memories are the diaries we carry around with us. I love Oscar, but the diary I carry around with me is the Little Memory.”
- Komalley

“A telegraph-style of journal. Evocative.”
- Marilyn W.

Featured in iTunes Staff Favorites
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