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When & Where - Find out when and where you took that photo

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Photo & Video
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Ever wondered when you took a particular photo on your iPhone? or where you took that photo? Wonder no more with this awesome app that answers the When and Where questions for you.

Open the App, choose a photo and the app will display:
- the date and time that you took the photo
- the location where you took it, and also display a map with a pin dropped at the location the photo was taken. How awesome is that?

All photos will have the date and time displayed, however, for location to be displayed, you would have had to have "location services" turned on for photos before you took the photo.

If you haven't yet turned on "location services" for photos, do so, as with this app you can do some really cool things like:

- When you visit a restaurant simply take a photo of anything (the food you ate, the venue, your friends you had dinner with etc.) and then when you want to remember where that restaurant was, simply look up the photo in this app!!

- When you park your car, simply take a photo of the car and if you can't find it when you get back, simply look it up using this app.

- driving past something really interesting and want to make a note of the place so you can come back to it? Get your passenger (as you are driving) to take a photo and then when you want to go back use this app, and you will have both the location and a photo to find it.

- never forget birthdays, anniversaries and so on, since all you have to do is find a picture you took on the last occasion and look up the date.

There are many more uses of this app... be creative...