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Moe's Contacts

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Intelligent keyboard speeds up search-by-text • Call Quick screen lets you call with a single touch • Search by initials • Browse contacts on a map • Browse contacts by face • Repair common Address Book problems • Full-featured Facebook integration • Multiple photos & videos per contact • Easy creation and editing of Groups ••• All-around, the best way to manage your Contacts!

• Do you have hundreds of contacts in your Address Book? Have you ever wondered why it has to be so hard to find the one you want to call or text? Why it has to take so many touches?
• Have you ever forgotten someone’s name but not approximately where they live? (If only you could see addresses on a map...)
• Have you ever forgotten someone’s name but not their face?
• Did turning on iCloud create problems in your address book? Duplicate contacts? Same contact with different data?
• When you upgraded to iOS 6 and entered your Facebook login information into Settings, were you surprised that ALL of your Facebook friends appeared in your contact list? And did you expect your friends’ actual email addresses, instead of the ones
• Have you wanted to organize your Address Book with groups, but not yet found a good app to do it?

Moe’s Contacts is the Contact-manager app you’ve been waiting for! It solves the above problems and allows you to:

• Search by entering the initials of a person or organization.
• Enter search text quicker and easier thanks to keys that expand and disable intelligently.
• See all your contacts’ addresses on a map. Draw a box on the map and get a list of every address within it.
• Save any number of photos or videos for each contact. Edit them with ease.
• Flick through your contacts’ photos and videos at any magnification level.
• Easily create and edit Groups.
• Import Facebook friends into your Address Book under any iOS version, with more control and power than iOS 6: Choose which friends to import, and which fields: picture, email address, website, bio, quotes, relationship status, etc... (Imported email addresses are the ones your friends enter, not the ones.)
• Repair common Address Book problems, such as duplicate contacts, empty contacts, and contacts not saved in all your Address Book Accounts.
• Quickly edit contact data with predictive editing keys. eg: When you start editing a first name, you’ll be shown the most common first names in your Address Book. When you type a letter, the list will change to the most common first names beginning with that letter.
• Analyze your Address Book. Find every name, city, street, area code, email domain, etc... Get a list of the contacts with each.

Still reading? You must be the hardy sort who likes details. Lovely! Here they are:

Repair common Address Book problems:
• duplicate contacts
• un-named contacts
• empty contacts
• contacts not in every account
• contacts not the same in every account

Add photos and videos to your Address Book:
• Import from Camera Roll, Facebook
• Crop, change brightness, sketch.

Unlock the power of Groups:
• Create groups for friends, relatives, workmates, schoolmates.
• Create groups for humor, political material, common interests, announcements.
• Use these groups to quickly address texts and/or emails to many contacts at once.

Handle phone numbers with flair:
• Automatic insertion of country/area codes when traveling.
• Send a text to every selected contact at once.
• See every possible phone number match as you dial (search by phone number).

Edit contacts with unprecedented power and ease:
• Edit contact notes full-screen.
• Most-popular area codes shown when editing phone numbers.
• Most-popular email domains shown when editing email addresses.
• Zip codes, counties, neighborhoods filled-in automatically.
• Edit an address by dragging its location on a map.