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SmartSync is a cute demonstration of the consumer engagement that is possible with a second screen application.

As you play a particular episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show, this application will synchronize additional information with the screen.

This application will let you feel the power of SmartSync technology. This is a companion application for the Dick Van Dyke Show episode titled "Bank Book."

Use another computer or iPad to download and play Bank Book. You can find this episode in many places on the internet. It is also available at:

Tap the Start button in this app and then start playing the media file on your other computer. Enjoy the show and watch as relevant and interesting information is presented, magically synchronized to events in the first 10 minutes of the Bank Book episode.

How is it done?

This application uses the iPad microphone to listen to the audio that is played by your other computer. It is constantly scanning the microphone trying to identify small segments of Bank Book. When it matches a piece of audio it will consider the location in the show and pull up pre-determined metadata that is appropriate. This application is doing the audio identification right here on your iPad!

This application was written using SmartSync technology services available from Audible Magic Corporation. You can register as a developer with Audible Magic and start making your own second screen application to do anything you can imagine! Why not start right now?

We use this classic episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show because it is now in the public domain. The basic technology will work with any TV show or movie, in any language, in any format.