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Space Story

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Meet your new best bedtime friend - Eelooz! This is a Story Book with a recording feature, record your own voice to the story! Make your own personalized version with your voice.

"Space Story" is more than just a story, it also has a maze game included. The mazes are created on the fly, so there are almost infinite levels to play.


This is a story about a little character called Eelooz. One day Eelooz had trouble falling asleep. He couldn't relax no matter how hard he tried. He opened the window to get some fresh air. When he stood in the window and looking at the starry sky he wondered how he could get closer to the stars. This is the beginning of an adventure where Eelooz goes into Space!

This is a story that you can personalize with your own voice. Record your own voice and read the pages. This is a fantastic feature that lets you as a parent read the story to your child!


There is also an awesome maze game included. In the maze game you have to guide Eelooz through a maze to find his rocket. There are diamonds to collect before he can reach the goal. You steer your Eelooz by swiping with your finger. The mazes are created at random, so there are almost infinite number of mazes. This will keep your child busy for hours!


This is a perfect child story that you, as a parent, can read for your child at anytime with your own recorded voice. An addictive maze game is included that will keep your kid busy!