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To the farm!

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* Nominated for the prestigious Cybils Awards 2012 in the Books category
* Best10APPS said: "The best first teacher for your children"
* Famigo said: “A truly gorgeously designed educational app for kids”

Educational application designed to stimulate young children’s language development. Wonderful, original illustrations of farm animals. Music and real animal sounds that engage and entertain young digital natives. Text and audio in 6 languages.

Discover an entertaining way to build your child’s vocabulary skills. This app features 5 user modes adapted to the age of the child: BITS mode, word reading mode, easy spelling mode, spelling mode, and sentence reading mode.

A plus for parents: advice from our professional experts in education and early childhood stimulation.

This application allows parents to choose the reading mode most appropriate for the age of their child.
* BITS mode-Autoplay for children 0 - 3
In this mode, images and text automatically change every 1.5 seconds. This method is geared to display visual images accompanied by audio content in a concise, rapid succession. The design is based on educational expert Glenn Doman’s theory of early childhood stimulation for development of the brain and neural connectivity.
* Reading words mode: for children 1-4
Illustrations and text. Children learn through images. Each time they touch a word, they hear it spoken out loud.
* Easy spelling mode: for children 3-4
A simple language game that functions as an educational tool.
* Spelling mode: for children 4 and up
Advanced learner version of the easy spelling mode noted above.
* Sentence reading mode: for children 4 years and up
This mode features illustrations of barnyard friends and a sequence of sentences that make up a simple story.

Would you like to find out how it looks and sounds in Chinese or another language?
You can choose from 6 different languages.

* Interactive, educational app
* Designed for children ages 0-5
* Narration in six languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German and Catalan
* Original music and sound effects
* Real animal sounds
* Educational game that teaches children to form words
* Congratulates a child when he or she succeeds- Option to read without the accompaniment of the audio element
* Menu access on every screen: On/Off narration, On/Off music, home, language settings
* Original illustrations

Sanoen is a new publishing house based in Barcelona, Spain. We specialize in adapting original children’s literature we’ve written ourselves into apps and digital books. As parents, we believe that children deserve to grow up with literature that’s both fun and intellectually stimulating. Our stories stimulate children’s imaginations and foster their development as readers and learners.

In addition to this app designed to stimulate vocabulary building, we also publish a collection of stories under the title “Sarah the Little Fairy.” Each story is a fusion of fantasy and reality that helps parents explain real-life issues to their young children. Children enjoy fantastic adventures while developing a nascent awareness of complex topics that are a part of the world around them such as the economic crisis, what politicians do, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Our inspiration springs from kids themselves – kids who want to know absolutely everything there is to know— digital natives who are completely at home with electronic media and communications technologies.
Our apps feature interactive elements, surprises, and games, but their primary goal is to help kids learn to read.

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Sanoen is a member of Moms with Apps, a group of family-friendly application developers that promotes quality apps for children.
Recommended age group 0-5 years
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