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Muscle Building Workouts for Bodybuilders - Arms & Legs

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Featuring exercises and training tips recommended by Craig Ramsay, internationally acclaimed fitness expert, TV host, former ice hockey star and "world's friendliest" personal trainer - this app is a helpful guide for everyone, no matter what your fitness level or experience of body building. Muscle Building Workouts for Bodybuilders, Arms & Legs really can help you reach your goals.

The format of this app is easy for any fitness enthusiast to follow and use. It’s the next best thing to having Craig Ramsay help you with exercises to gain strength in your arms and legs. Whether at home or in the gym, the app helps the user visualize the exercises and the muscles they are using during each exercise.

The app provides bodybuilders with a complete bodybuilding workout for arms and legs and an in-depth focus the major muscles like biceps, triceps, glutes and quads. Every muscle building exercises is presented in full-colour photography, with clear step-by-step instructions and annotated cutaways of the muscular system, all scientifically labeled with expert tips to guide and motivate users to exercise the right way.

Muscle Building Workouts helps bodybuilders to choose the exercises that build the major muscle groups, also helping them avoid exercises that have nothing to do with the muscles they want to build.

Users can navigate through the app via three navigation buttons and clear drop down menus.

1. Muscles: from the Muscles navigation button, users can navigate from the ten major arm and leg muscles like Triceps (triceps brachii), Biceps (biceps brachii), Glutes (gluteus maximus and medius), Hamstrings (biceps femoris) or the Calves (gastrocnemius), to the exercises that will develop the target muscles.

2. Arms: by selecting the Arms button, users can access thirteen of the most effective arm workouts, each with detailed pictures, step-by-step and trainers tips.

3. Legs: by selecting the Legs button bodybuilders can navigate through ten hard working leg exercises each with step-by-step techniques to help gain muscle in their legs.

Bodybuilding exercise features:

• Step-by-step instructions, pictures and images of the bodybuilding exercises to help users select and master the most effective exercises whilst in the gym.

• Anatomical cut-through illustrations to show bodybuilders how to build the right muscles in their arms and legs.

• Trainer's tips for each exercise help body builders perform the muscle building exercises in safe and effective conditions.

An understanding of which muscles are working during a given exercise will help bodybuilders craft the right workout regimen to meet their goals.

Expert Advice
Whether you're a competitive bodybuilder, casual exerciser, or just someone looking for a bodybuilding arms and legs workout to shape, tone and gain muscle, these arms and legs exercises and pictures, devised by Master Trainer Craig Ramsay will provide you with the best bodybuilding training program for your body.

This app is the first in a series Muscle Building Apps that will cover muscle building exercises to target:

Arms & Legs

Back & Shoulders

Chest & Abdominals