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Tayo Driving Game HD

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“Tayo the Little Bus Driving Game” app is finally available following the “Tayo the Little Bus Garage Game” app, and has been selected as Educational App of the Year 2011.
Your child will enjoy operating a bus system with “Tayo the Little Bus Driving Game.”

“Tayo the Little Bus Driving Game” is an edutainment application for children. In the game, children learn to drive a bus by following traffic safety rules and engage in a variety of educational number games, which may include picking up the right number of passengers, etc.

- Main Features and Activities -

1. Bus Operation Game – In this game, your child will choose a bus and stop at each bus stop to reach an amusement park. Along the way your child will learn how to 1) start and stop 2) change lanes 3) obey the traffic light and 4) make a detour at construction sites.

2. Bus Stop Number Games – Your child may choose from one of three bus routes: Number, Shape, or Time. A corresponding game comes up at each bus stop.

1) Number Games: Learn about numbers and number sequence, comparing numbers,
matching numbers and their quantity, superlatives, etc.
2) Shape Games: Learn the names of shapes, distinguishing shapes and colors, comparing
the size of shapes, finding the right shapes, etc.
3) Time Games: Learning about the long and short hand on a clock, reading time by the hour
and minute, showing the time, understanding the flow of time, etc.

3. Sticker book – A sticker appears in the sticker book when your child completes all three bus routes (Number, Shape, and Time). Collect all the stickers to fill up the sticker book.

4. Music – Your child can enjoy listening to the theme songs from Season 2 of “Tayo the Little Bus.”

Have your child enjoy a fun game of bus operations with “Tayo the Little Bus Driving Game” and develop problem-solving skills with over 600 numbers questions.

Produced by: ICONIX Entertainment
Developed by: LG U+, greySox