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Just Singit !! - Reverse Karaoke

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Entertainment
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Even if you have no musical knowledge, just sing and this app will do the rest !!
You decide on the style and the tempo you want. The app will write the backing track for your personal hit song.


- For the best results, use your headphones
- Ipod touch users : 4G do not need to use external microphones. All others need to use external microphones.
- Best quality achieved by using external speakers or headphones


- Write your own song by just singing.
Sing and the application will provide the correct key and chord pattern for your song. The song is written in your chosen style. Choose your own tempo. Choose your tempo and drum beat depending on either metronome or style.

-The song is written in the style chosen. Choose your own tempo.
Choose your tempo and the drum beat depending on either metronome or style.

- Listen to your voice as you sing. There’s no delay. Hear your voice while you sing

- Mix the song as you listen by using 1-5 chorus, reverb effect

- Choose your melody style from kids song, pop, rock, hip hop, ballad, dance and blues. Check upgrade for more new styles.

- Share : share by email, Facebook or twitter.

[How to use]

Recording : Open application and choose your style and your tempo. Press ‘start’ to record. After a count of four start singing or rapping. Press ‘stop’ button at any time. Use ‘my voice’ function to hear yourself through your headphones as you sing.

Mixing: Press ‘play’ to hear your song in the style of your choice. OR use volume to mix the song like a professional.

Share : share your song to your friends by email, Facebook or twitter.


Q) Do I need to copyright for created songs with provided styles?
A) Distribution is not a copyright infringement.

Q) How can I change the tempo?
A) On the recording screen enter settings to change tempo. Choose a style for a preset tempo or adjust tempo manually between 60 – 150 bpm.

Q) How can I change melody style?
A) On recording screen or mixing screen enter settings.

Q) How do you find the correct tempo?
A) There are 3 ways for the users to choose their tempo.
Either 1. Choose the metronome on the tempo scene.
Or 2. Choose the drum beat on the tempo scene.
Or 3. Choose them tempo scene only with no sound

Q) How do I know I’m singing in tune?
A) By using headphones, you can hear exactly what you sing when you sing it. There’s no delay in processing your voice. The voice you hear in the headphones is the voice everyone hears.

Q) Can I listen to just the vocal track?
A) Yes. Use ‘acappella’ style or on the mixing screen pull down the volume slider to microphone.

Q) Can I change key and chord pattern?
A) No. All key and chord patterns are preset to maximize the song writing pleasure. But in playback mode, by changing key to either major or minor will automatically change the chord setting accordingly.