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Cute little mushrooms need your help!
It's a new kind of simulation game that's leaving you with the utmost delightful experience.

●Meet dancing mushrooms, they are the cutest thing you'll ever see.
Play music and harvest mushrooms to become rock stars. Select from 5 types of music, each one has its own magical power to grow mushrooms.

●Swipe to turn mushrooms into rock star bears!
Once you harvested mushrooms to some extent, you can swipe them all and they start popping and turn into colorful bears! It is so fun, you wouldn't want to miss it!

●Complete your bear collection in the album.
31 kinds of mushrooms have been detected so far.
Let's see if you notice their specialties in music world.

●Daily mushroom care is a must but it's so much fun!
Don't forget to take care of your mushrooms, or they will go bad.
If you see mold on your guitar, use whiskey to wipe it off or use cigarette smoke to keep it polished.

There is a bar named Abbey Road where a group of people called Deadheads hang out. The master has a passion for music, and people often visit the bar to see his collection of special edition guitars.

Those guitars are so special, mushrooms grow on them.
When music starts playing in the background, they keep growing more and more, and turn into bears at last. They are born to be professional musicians to rock your world.

◊Classified Information
It's been said that butterflies are living in the back room of the bar.
They provide magical dust and when it gets on the drums, mushrooms appear instantly.
There's also a rumor that a big teddy bear produce very special and limited mushrooms.
Explore and find out what you can get back there.

Mushrooms have been waiting for this chance for a very long time and looking forward to meeting you!