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Stickgirl Poetry Oracle

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Welcome to Stickgirl's Snow Globe Poetry Oracle

Decision to make? Tricky question? Just ask Stickgirl!

Everybody needs some help, now and then, with making decisions. Throughout the Ages, all cultures have consulted oracles. The Greeks sought the advice of priestesses at the temple of Apollo in Delphi, the Roman augerers examined entrails, the Persian have the Book of Hafiz, the Norse drew the Rune Stones, the Italian Renaissance read the Tarot, the Chinese gave us the I Ching and now Stickgirl joins this illustrious pantheon of soothsaying with her own Snow Globe Poetry Oracle App.

Think of a question, shake the phone, and hundreds of letters will fall down from the sky and magically form a haiku in Stickgirl's arms that can act as a catalyst for your decision-making. If you're the kind of person who finds three lines of poetry too complicated or obtuse, Stickgirl will tell you her more direct interpretation of your issue.

You can read it, you can hear it, you can shake it. You have the potential for clarity in your hands!

(Remember, even though this is a very useful tool, ultimately, YOU are the one who makes the decision. Feel your own power!)

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