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Salah For Kids HD

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*** An Award Winner of Pasha ICT 2012 in Best e-Learning App “Salah for Kids” ***

“Adults and New Muslims are also learning salah with the help of Salah for Kids”

*** ABOUT ***
Salah for Kids is a unique app for children of all ages to learn how to perform Salah (including Wudu). The app has very rich graphics, interactive screens and games, and it teaches children how to perform Salah (including Wudu), through a simple STEP-BY-STEP process, in Arabic and English Languages.

A unique way to teach how to perform Salah [prayer] and Wudu [abulation].

*** FEATURES ***
•Five times daily Farz Salah (graphics according to its time-of-day)
•PRIVATE-TUTOR - Helping to learn Salah and Wudu Step-by-Step
•*AUDIO-TUTOR* Audio to learn Salah in English and Arabic languages
•Read and Listen Quranic Verses at each step of the SALAH
•Repeat Audio
•Arabic and English Languages (more languages coming soon!)
•Educational Games related to Islam

•“Salah for Kids” is your child’s own PRIVATE-TUTOR which will help to learn the Salah step-by-step by watching a boy/girl graphically performing Salah and Wudu.

•Parents are able to offer their kids an enjoyable way to learn how to perform SALAH. It is no longer boring or tedious.

•Kids can Read and Listen to the Quranic Verses at each step of the SALAH.

•The app also features steps of Salah along with the AUDIO-TUTOR in English and Arabic languages.

•If you want your child to memorize Salah. No problem, “Salah for Kids” has the solution for it. Now your child could tap Repeat Audio and listen to it repeatedly.

•Kids will easily be able to identify with the boy/girl they are watching performing the STEP-BY-STEP method of SALAH, motivating them to do the same.

•This app includes five times daily Farz Salah: Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Magrib and Isha’a (including Witr), with each depicted according to its time of day environment.

•Kids can move from one STEP of the SALAH to the next STEP at their own pace, by clicking to the next/back page. This caters to each child as an individual, as we take into account different learning speeds for various ages.

•Moving back and forth between different STEPS of the SALAH by moving back or forward page(s), enables reinforcement of each step, thereby instilling confidence in the child.

•Salah for Kids is in Arabic and English Languages, making the app extremely easy to use for kids all over the world.

•The app includes Educational Games related to Islam that children will find interesting and fascinating.

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Available on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
Stay tuned, soon we are coming with new exciting features in the next update!!