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KS2 Maths Bash

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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KS2 Maths Bash is designed for Primary students ages 8-11 in the UK.

It follows the UK National Curriculum.

Math Bash offers students a chance to engage and practice their maths skills on the go and in a fun way. Maths Bash is written specifically for iPhone and iPad.

It was written by a working maths teacher and is based on software that has been tried and tested on pupils over several years.

What do you get?
The Math Bash applications offer pupils opportunity to:
-engage quickly in random questions
-choose questions based around topics (e.g. Patterns, Number, Data, Shape, Measures)
-choose specific topics to practice
-choose length of play
-engage in topics by the conventional multiple choice mode
-engage in topics in a pairs game
-high scores tables
-high scores in Game Center
-achievements to attain

There are currently about 60 sets of questions available. All questions are randomized in order and use random numbers, so you will never get the same game twice. The questions cover around 80% of the topics found on the full curricula.

The full range of topics only become apparent when you delve in the software. They can be found under the main areas below:
Chance and Probability, Mean Average, Mode and Range,
Reading Graphs, Add and Subtract Decimals, Fractions, Decimals, %,
Fractions: simplify and equivalent, Fractions of Whole Numbers, Fractions of Shapes,
Missing Number, Money Questions, Mult/divide by 10s 100s 1000s,
Multiples, Near Doubles, Negative numbers,
Number Properties, Ordering Numbers, Order of operations,
Percentage Calculations, Place Value, Quick Adds,
Ratios, Rounding, Sequences - Next Number,
Sequences - Rule, Times/Divide Tables, Word Problems,
Working with letters, 2D or 3D Shapes, 2D Shapes, 3D Shapes,
2D Shape Facts, Angle Facts, Angles in Triangles,
Angles on Lines and Points, Coordinates,
Lines of Symmetry, Measures - Equivalents, Measures - Metric Conversions,
Rectangle: Area and Perimeter, Time Problems, Triangles and Rectangles: Area,
Christmas, Languages, Maths Jokes