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iKooB will open your doors to a whole new range of note-making production and personal amusement. Download iKooB now and begin your journey immediately.
Existing note-making programs have enabled you to write freely, iKooB will now allow you to share your notes freely with other users. iKooB will particularly shine when it comes to projects that require collective group work and cooperation.
Use iKooB to take lecture notes, as a tool during business meeting, and as a communication device with people at work or at home—iKooB will be there to aid your mode of life whenever, wherever, and however you need it.

Here are some major iKooB uses:
-Handwriting: Write freely using your fingertips or a stylus. You can also change the color and thickness of your writing.
-Typing: Use the type function if you’re in the mood for a neater note. Change fonts, size, and color to match your taste.
-Check to see who wrote it: iKooB allows you to check origin of the typed or handwritten note within the shared note file.
-Select, copy and paste notes!
-Set up a personal library page, and organize your notes your way.
-Change the background image.
-Zoom-in text input: You can write small texts easily.
-Edit images using the black-and-white effect or sepia effect. Frame or rotate your images.
-PDF Export: Convert your notes into a PDF file.

Here are some tips on maximizing your iKooB use:
-At school: Gather your classmates to collectively take notes and share them on iKooB.
-Speed up the productivity at work: Promptly share and exchange individual ideas and suggestions during meetings.
-Connect with your mentor on iKooB: Be it a literati or a fine artist, the whole world’s talking about your work which you shared and received feedback from via real-time iKooB!
-Create a memoir: Dedicate an iKooB page to your family, where each member contributes a little to complete a one-of-a-kind chronicle!
-Publish a book: Work together to create a quality book.

iKooB is like no other. iKooB stands for innovation, productivity, and most of all, fun!