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Combat Locust

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This is a game for protecting your crops against locusts. You could fight alone or fight with another player.

When the locusts are invading, double tapping will kill them from eating your crops.

There are a lot of weapons for you to buy:
1. insecticide, spray to kill locusts
2. flying-stoper, stop locusts from flying
3. safety shield, to protect your crops
4. sun, to grow your crops

If you fight with another player, you could also buy
5. wall, to prevent the other player from throwing locusts to your farm
6. bomb, to blow up the crops of your competitor
7. black rain, to destroy the crops of the other farm
8. add a locust, one tap will add one locust to invade the farm of the other player
9. add locusts, one tap will add a crowd of locusts to the other farm

You are suggested to fight alone first, to get sufficient points to buy weapons.

The game ends when your crops are all destroyed or your energy level becomes zero.