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Talkies 4.0

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Photo & Video
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Try Talkies 7 if you have IOS 7 or IOS 6.
Talkies4 - like it - rate it - if not email [email protected] Tell people about your pictures! Talkies4 - make a video by adding audio to your pictures. Quick steps to make your first video. Launch Talkies4. -Select New album - Enter a name for the album and select OK -Open the Album -Select Get Pic - Select a picture -Repeat to get more pictures in your album -At each Picture select Props - then Record - say something - when done select Stop Recording -Select Make Video -Look in you Photos Album for the new Video - play it - email it - put it up on uTube, etc. Talkies4 - Photo SlideShow allows you to select items from your Photo Library (or take pictures) and organize them into your own set of albums. You can select any picture or image in your Talkies albums and add sound to it. Slide shows can then be played. Anything from your Photos library (on your iPhone, IPod Touch or iPad can have sound added to it. The Photo Library can consist of multiple photo albums including pictures and images created from the iPad/iPhone camera, imported from iTunes to your device and/or created by various applications. Now you can also FTP your slide shows up to your own FTP or Web site. Then view them on the Web, or have others download them to their Talkies app. Feedback, please! With an iPad/iPhone you can also take pictures adding them directly to your Talkies3 Albums. Within a Talkies album you can open a picture or image and then the sound plays for that picture or image. You can then select Next (or Previous) to see the next (or previous) picture in the album and it will open and play its sound. There is also an option to play the current Talkies album as a slide show. When this is done, the pictures within the album display starting from the first picture and through to the last picture. If sound is associated with a picture, the sound is played when the picture is displayed in the slide show. The sound will continue until a next picture with sound is displayed or till done depending on settings. This allows sound from one picture to cover one or more of the following pictures in a slide show. There is also a slide time setting that allows you to select how long a slide is displayed within a slide show prior to displaying the next slide. Setting these times on each picture allows you to control the sequence of pictures displayed and audio heard. There is also an option to play the full audio for a picture before (B4) moving to the next slide. Some features of Talkies include the following. Global settings for Slide Time, Repeating Slide Shows and Application Sound On or Off. Adding, Naming, Renaming and Deleting albums. Ordering your list of albums. Setting album level Direct to Slide Show launching. Setting album level Slide Show repeating. Adding, Naming, Renaming and Deleting pictures. Recording audio for a picture. Removing audio for a picture. Setting the Slide Time for a picture. The goal of Talkies is to allow you do accomplish fun, useful and interesting slide shows using you iPad/iPhone and/or iPod Touch without having to connect to iTunes or have any WiFi or other access to the Internet. The Help sample Talkies album was created entirely on the iPhone using the application. Talkies is designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It runs on the iPad! This app will get better. Email Feedback would be very helpful. [email protected]