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Asma Ul Husna - 99 Names of Allah

iPhone / iPad
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Benefit your lives, strengthen your faith and recognize the Essence of Allah (SWT) by invoking and reciting the names of Allah (SWT) with the app Asma Ul Husna – 99 Names of Allah.

Asma Ul Husna – 99 Names of Allah app provides a means to pray to Allah (SWT) and remember Him by reciting and listening to His names wherever and whenever you want. Recitation of each unique name of Allah (SWT) grants you inner tranquility, freedom from worries, hope & optimism through particular attributes of the name that is being called upon and brings you near to Him.
You can download the app and conveniently use it on your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Some benefits of names of Allah (SWT):-
· Door way to paradise.
· Forgiveness.
· Regain health.
· Abundance in wealth.
· Healing from depression.
· Prevention from difficulties in work.
· Helpful in marriages of girls who have grown old in wait of getting married.
· Prevention from violence, severity or hardness.
· Freedom from bad habits.
· Prevention from jealousy and harm.
· Sharpen memory
· Help women during child birth.
· Get obedient children.
· Eradicate poverty.
· Free of fears from robbery.
· Find lost things.
· Attaining dignity in the eyes of others.
· Gain status and inner peace.
· Get respect from others.

The app includes the following features that help you:
- Choose and play any name you want to listen to from all 99 names.

- Mute the recitation and read the Arabic text of every name.

- Read the transliteration written in Roman Arabic to make pronunciation easier.

- Read the English translation of every name.

- Read the English description of every name.

- Configure a counter for the repetition of any name you want.

- Go back to paused names to complete afterward.

- View a user friendly interface for displaying counter and timer information.

- Share the application with your Muslim brothers and sisters.