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Language Lab: Plurals

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PRC is pleased to introduce the next app in our AAC
Language Lab series, based on the Stages of Language Development described
at This app focuses specifically on Stage Three of
Language Development and is a great tool to use with individuals using augmentative/
alternative communication (AAC).

This “Plurals” app is designed for individuals who are beginning to use simple
sentences, placing them within Stage Three of Language Development. At this stage,
the person is adding more words to their vocabulary (including prepositions – e.g., in/
on), and increasing their language markers, such as plurals and verb endings. The
mean (average) length of utterance grows to 2.75, with typical phrases ranging from two
to three words.

Some expected outcomes of Stage Three include speaking in complete simple
sentences, knowledge and expression of plural noun concepts, and the use of
prepositions to show position.

PRC is a global leader in the development of AAC Solutions including Augmentative
and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, computer access products, and
other assistive technology for people with severe speech disorders. An employee-
owned company, founded in 1966 and headquartered in Wooster, OH, PRC has
enabled thousands of children and adults worldwide with speech disorders to achieve
spontaneous, independent, and interactive communication regardless of their disability,
literacy level, or motor skills.

Check out and for more information
about stages of language development as well as augmentative communication.