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Categorization HD

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Categorization HD includes randomized 75 High Quality Pictures

One of the areas Speech and Language Pathologists and Psychologists assess when determining a child’s verbal cognitive skills is VOCABULARY – that is, the ability of a child to understand and use vocabulary at the same level as his/her peers.

Children who have communication disorders, language delays or those who are learning a second language require repetition and practice of vocabulary in order to remember it.

First, a picture appears on the screen accompanied by a verbalization of the item; the verbal label for the picture can also be accessed by pressing the ‘speaker’ button. In this way, a child can listen to the label of a common vocabulary item as much as he/she needs in order to learn/remember it.

Secondly, three pictures of ‘categories’ appear at the top of the screen; the verbal label for each of the categories can be accessed by pressing the category picture; again, the child can listen to the category label as much as he/she needs to.

Finally, the child is prompted to find the category to which each item belongs. The child simply needs to click and drag the picture to the appropriate category. In this way, the child is creating a semantic (meaning) web of vocabulary items.

A report is available for parents or therapists indicating the number and percentage of trials correct on the first try. Simply press the report button and, if desired, e-mail the results for future reference.