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Circle of 5ths Virtuoso HD, 2nd Edition

  • Music
  • Education
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Circle of 5ths App is your music teacher, trainer and also can be a portable tool, book, reference, library, cheat sheet and your friend. New additions: 1. Circle of All – Circle of 2nds, 3rds, 4ths (true 4ths!), 6ths, 7ths and of course, 5ths; interesting here is that the last key ALWAYS ends with C#/Cb Major or A#m/Abm. 2. Bass and Alto clefs 3. Drag and Drop – practice key signatures and chord progressions 4. Tones/Semi-tones marks on scales – you can choose those marks on or off 5. Compound intervals up to two octaves (24 semitones) 6. Modes formulas with sound Improvements: 1. Audio 2. Contents navigation 3. Performance 4. Graphics 5. Usability 6. Enhanced user interaction 7. Internal structure; stability, memory management, etc. 8. Enharmonic key signatures