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Wudoo And Pray

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Salah (the formal prayer) is the backbone of the religion and its strong pillar. It is the first thing one will be asked about on the Day of Resurrection; if it is in order, his affair will be in order. Due to this important value of faith, Zad has developed an idea to launch an application (Wudhu and Salah Tutoria) which aims at teaching children the proper method of wudhu (ablution) and salah in a simplified yet attractive manner. It contains several electronic features, illustrations and exercises which make learning and understanding easy for the young Muslim.
The application includes a teaching video for the wudhu as well as for the five daily prayers. It also contains an illustrated book which supports an attractive presentation helps make learning enjoyable according to the age of the children. In addition there are exercises in which the child places the acts of the wudhu and salah in the proper sequence, and this aids in testing how well the child has understood the taught material.
This project has been realized firstly by the Grace of Allah, then the hard work of the experts at Zad Group, and sponsored by “The Dammam Building” company so that it can be a results bearing production directed towards training the young user.
We ask Allah, the Exalted and Mighty, to bring about benefit from this work and to reward all those who contributed towards it.