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SDPro Chemistry

iPhone / iPad
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Want to practice and learn more chemistry and still have fun? SDPro Chemistry has over 175 practice questions incorporated in a game fashion that are closely based off questions asked on school chemistry quizzes and tests as well as the AP Chemistry test, IB Chemistry test, and SAT chemistry subject test. It is a perfect way to prepare and learn more while still having fun. The best part is it is FREE. Categories of SDPro Chemistry include Fundamentals, Gases, Equilibrium, Atomic Structure, Acids and Bases, Thermochemistry, and Bonds and Forces. Topics within these categories in the app include:

> Naming (Regular, organic, acids, bases)
> Groups/types of elements
> Quantum numbers
> Periodic trends
> Periodicity and Atomic Structure principles
> Electron configuration
> Diamagnetism and paramagnetism
> Periodic trends (atomic radius, electronegativity, ionization energy)
> Bonding
> Stoichiometry
> Gas Laws
> Rate of effusion
> Ideal/nonideal gases
> Enthalpy
> Entropy
> Gibbs Free Energy
> Equilibrium expressions
> Rates/Kinetics
> Activation energy
> Strong vs. Weak acids/bases
> Equilibrium constants
> Titrations
> pH and pOH
> Lewis acids and bases

Test your chemistry knowledge and watch the points rack up! Compare scores with your friends and see who can get the highest score in the Two player mode! Features include:

- Race against time

- 50/50 option to help when you are stuck

- “Mark” button to save questions you want to ask you teacher or friends!

- History of tests taken

- Point system

- Less repetition! Enhanced logic ensures less repetition of questions until you have seen them all!

- 3 Exciting Modes! Fun Mode, One Player Challenge, and Two Player Challenge

- Post your scores to Facebook!

- Provide feedback and emails!

- New Updates on the way for even more questions!

There are many number questions as well as conceptual questions, just like on school, honors, and college classes as well as IB Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and SAT subject tests for Chemistry! Download today and be sure to check out other cool trivia apps like SDPro Trivia developed by Abrotech, Inc. today!!