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Antarctic Defence Battle Anecdote

iPhone / iPad
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The 1st work of the GROVE series is an on-line real time vs 3D social shooter!!!
Less time delay vs battle by the synchronized twin collision judgeing system!!!
The main function of a world vs is for free unlimitedly!!!

It includes various vs methods, or a solo play, a local BlueTooth vs, a world vs, an intruder in a solo play, an invitation match with your registered friends.
 It includes various communication methods, or a fixed simple message, an optional text messaging, a verbal voice chat. ※You are recommended to set off the voice chat when the communication is unstable. The simple messages are translated from/into Japanese into/from English automatically.

 The scene is just before the Antarctic Defence Battle. It starts at the scene when FutePen perceives sign of enemies arrival and summons Sirokumakku.
 Controll FutePen and Sirokumakku and train hard for the Antarctic Defence Battle.
 Firstly usable skills are a few, though various skills can be usable winning a solo play.
 See the ending with your own eyes which leads to the Antarctic Defence Battle!!!

 Train for the Antarctic Defence Battle with peoples all around the world.
 When you train enough, protect the Antarctic in the main story of the Antarctic Defence Battle where the huge bosses raid.
 I ask you for that.

  - The main function of a world vs is for free unlimitedly!!!
  - I developed the synchronized twin collision judgeing system. You never fail it's reality with less time delay and precise collision judgeing even though it's an online shooter.
  - It includes a simple messaging function which enables you to communicate with your enemy in the online shooter.
  - Various skills make you fun the vs shooter.
  - Various sound effects raise it's live performance.
  - It interlocks it's save data and your achievement results of GameCenter. When you download this app again, it automatically restore it's save data from your achievements.
  - You can play the local vs not using GameCenter.
  - You can accept an intruder in your solo game. To do that, make sure the config setting is on.
  - Friend registration possible, friend offer possible, possible sending invitations to your friend.