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VNurse Lite

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VNurse Lite© for the iPad is aimed at introducing the audience to a portion of the VNurse environment. VNurse is a 3D training simulation that provides a unique opportunity for nursing schools and medical establishments to increase the training and efficiency of their nursing students and professionals.

The project is designed to evaluate the learning of clinical content and how this translates into the performance of clinical tasks. This is the first major project aimed at developing 3D training simulations solely for nurse education.


Incorporated in this version is:

- a tutorial based task where the player can walk through the VNurse hospital to find 10 scattered objects

- give the player an introduction to the lite version of the VNurse environment and some of the clickable objects that exist within it

Any constructive feedback about the VNurse environment, through app review, would be greatly appreciated.

[VNurse Lite is optimized for the Ipad 2.]


The Creative Gaming and Simulation lab (CGS) is a 3700 sq. ft. facility housed in Marie V. McDemmond Center for Applied Research (MVMCAR) at Norfolk State University. Dr. Rasha Morsi, director of the lab and PI on the project, along with Dr. Mona Rizvi (co-PI) were recently awarded a $4.2M grant from the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command's Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) (Award Numbers: W81XWH 09-10541 and W81xWH-10-1-0378) to develop VNurse: a modular dynamic simulation framework for nurse training in a semi virtual environment. CGS specializes in Modeling, Simulation, Visualization, and Training Technologies (MSV&TT) research and development in areas that include game-based and interactive web-based applications as well as interactive training solutions for education, industry, and government.


E-mail: [email protected]


Project team: Dr. Rasha Morsi , Dr. Mona Rizvi , and Mr. Bratislav (BaTo) Cvijetic.

Student developers:

Programming: Cory Hornsby, Brian McClanahan, Brian Rose, Togba Liberty, and Linmin Pei.

Graphics: Shannon Lockie-Krahe, Cory Hornsby, and Christopher Fritzel.

Animations and MoCap: Walaa Mahmoud, Abhinav Kanukuntla, Christopher Fritzel, Taylor Armstead, and Rohitha Dhara.

Case MoCap Actors: Shannon Lockie-Krahe, Cory Hornsby, Dr. Frances Williams.