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iSpell that!

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Have fun learning to spell!

This highly interactive app is designed to provide a fun experience for children learning or practicing to spell three letter words. The app provides a bank of 50 images and associated audio recordings pertaining to the words. The child is expected to tap on the three letters presented with the image to spell the word. If the word is misspelled the word and audio are provided again so that the child has three chances to spell the word correctly. A fun sound and graphic are presented when a word is spelled correctly. Children can replay the audio for each word by tapping on an image, and can make the image wobble by double tapping on an image. A score of 100 is achieved when all words are spelled correctly on the first attempt.

The top 25 scores are displayed on the high scores screen at the end of the game. These scores display the player's name, score, and date. Children and parents can track improvement over time by examining the dates for the highest scores. children may also share their achievements via email using the share button on the high scores screen.

This is the first app in a series of apps that will increase in difficulty with longer and more complex words and game play. Watch for iSpell that! 2 - the next app that will contain a bank of four letter words.