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Destination Highways Northern California Motorcycle Roads

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NOTE: full, turn-by-turn GPS DH NorCal App now also available! The GPS app also includes everything this base app contains (explained below). Make sure you get the correct app you want.

The finest curated collection of NorCal motorcycle roads that gives you something no other book, map, website, forum, GPS unit or app can: comprehensive knowledge of where the best roads are and what they’re like. Our 34,000 mi (54,000 km) of research riding in NorCal guarantees it.

"A Godsend! Riders spend hours searching for opinions and secret roads that can all be found at their fingertips in mere seconds here."

Ride like a local instead of a tourist on the best roads in NorCal that ARE the destination, whether you're 100 or 10,000 mi from home.

Our (T)otal (I)ntegrated (R)oad (E)valuation (S)ystem rates paved roads numerically from a street motorcyclist’s unique perspective. The points total determines a road’s rating out of 100. With this the road earns its DH number,
its ranking among NorCal’s Destination Highways.

“I am a highway engineer by education. TIRES is a great way to evaluate roads specifically for characteristics we motorcyclists desire most.”

What about those roads that are not quite DHs but worth riding if you happen to be in the neighborhood? DH NorCal also guides you to the Twisted Edges (TEs), those subsidiary side roads you tend to pass up.

Riders spend much of their time “riding like a tourist” on major highways, wondering where all the good roads are and just LOOKing at all the unknown DHs & TEs that slide past their shoulder all day long. With DH NorCal, not any more. 
122 onboard DH NorCal maps, plus “big picture” Companion Map (for discount on actual 39 x 27 inch synthetic CM, email us from app).

Find DHs & TEs by: Region/DH ranking #/Proximity to current position/DH TIRES components/DH Length. GPS capable devices display mi/km to DH/TE from current GPS position (NO active data plan/online requirement).

DHs: Show Details: TIRES, At a Glance (summary), Access, On the Road (mi by mi chronicle) / Show Local/Regional/State Map(s).

TEs: Show Details & Show Local/Regional/State Map(s).

Find motorcycle dealers by individual/all brands/name & selectable search radius. GPS capable devices display mi/km to dealer from current GPS position (NO active data plan/online requirement).

Browse interactive DH NorCal “ebook” cover to cover.

Online links to TIRES charts/ DH video/Rate & Review DHs.

PLEASE NOTE: This app does NOT (yet) offer turn-by-turn GPS navigation.


"Don't ride like a tourist, ride like a local" is more than our motto. It's what we do for riders who live in CA (or nearby) as well as those who’ve never ridden here. And why we get the testimonials we do from all styles of riders:

"Highly recommended app! Best way to plan anything from a one hour twisty ride to a several day tour."

"Great job and thanks for this app!!! Works great, like being able to link to the video footage!!!"

"This app is great! These guides save time and make for more riding."

"Have app on my iPad. It's phenomenal!"

"Been riding 45 years in NorCal. Thanks for this great product that helps me 'ride like a local!'"

"Plotted a 1200 mile route,on the highest rated roads with doable days. Easy-peasy. Couldn't have done it without DH NorCal. Best money I ever spent."

"Didn't have a clue about the fantastic roads I was missing until using DH NorCal. Great job!"

"Had a couple local Californians follow us and ask how we knew about these roads. They'd lived there for years and never found ‘em!"

"Wow! I lived in the Bay Area and should have had DH NorCal many times! You know your stuff!"

"Outstanding! DH NorCal gave us the best trip ever and we thought we already knew all the roads!"

"Parts that in NorCal I know read like a local wrote them."

See our website App page for more info.