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--- Live Observation and Analysis App for iPhone and iPad ---

If you need a professional and flexible logging tool to collect, manage and analyze data from live observations, obansys is just what you need!
obansys is an easy to use and flexible recording and analysis tool, which logs accurate time information for any type of activity you define. It gives you deep insight as numbers and charts, on what really happened during any kind of observed situation.
If you are a scientist, student, engineer, usability professional or if you are interested in logging how you spend your time, obansys is the tool you need!

Use obansys in various fields and applications, such as:

- Science: Use obansys wherever activities, gestures, postures, actions or any other type of behavior needs to be collected accurately.

- Autism: Use obansys for studies on autism. Record your child's behavior over a longer period and check the statistics on how the behavior improves over time.

- Teaching and Training: Use obansys to record the teacher's activities and the student's responses. Understand which activities happen how often and how long and use the collected data to improve training quality.

- Sport: Use obansys to log all kinds of actions and behavior during various sport activities. Use the collected data to improve team play or motion sequences.

- Consumer Behavior: Use obansys in supermarket studies. Collect consumer behavior during decision-making situations, or during using purchased products.

- Animal Behavior: Use obansys for your field studies on animal behavior in wildlife, in the zoo or simply at home with your pets.

- Engineering / Usability: Use obansys to collect user's activities and behavior during usability studies in your lab or in the field. Understand what problems customers have using your products and reveal the potential for improvement.

Use it as personal logger to
- Log time you spend in various locations
- Log time of project based tasks
- Keep track of your own time during your daily life
- Use obansys for any type of time accurate data collection during live observations!


- Define multiple coding systems for different needs.
- Log tasks and activities easily and with millisecond accuracy.
- Organize your data in various studies and sessions.
- Simultaneously track activities of multiple subjects.
- Log time information either with day time information or on a zero time base.
- Get statistical values on frequency and duration as well as percentage of time.
- obansys' timer continues even if the application is in the background.

Additional Features of the Pro Version:

- Pause your recording sessions whenever you need. Skip situations that do not need to be logged or whenever unexpected situations require a pause. obansys ensures that the breaks are properly included in the statistics.
- Export all data files with full time stamp information via iTunes, for further processing in other software programs.
- Synchronize your data with your Dropbox account
- As Mangold INTERACT user, you can calculate more sophisticated statistics in INTERACT, using the exported data files. This provides you with information on behavior co-occurrences, code latencies, behavior contingencies or behavioral pattern information.
- Export the statistical results to your computer. This allows you to have all calculated data in an easy to process file format outside your iOS device. Use those results to quickly create presentations and reports.
- Easily calculate aggregated statistics across various studies. For example compare data from one study in relation to a (sub-) summary of all studies.
- Get aggregated statistical results across different subjects. For example compare data from one subject with a (sub-) summary of all observed subjects.
- Get pie charts on frequency and duration per selected tasks and/or subject. This gives you and your project stakeholders immediate visual feedback on your data.