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*Free Version Let's you Write up to 15 Contracts*

*Upgrade to the Full Version for Unlimited Contracts*

Kontractor is a sales and contract management solution for the modern day home improvement professional. The days of carrying around carbon copy contracts in bulky folders is over. SDSol presents Kontractor. This App allows Kontractors everywhere to create a contract template, write them up on the spot, get a customer's signature, and email the contracts to all interested parties. Writing a contract on a job site takes no more than a minute or two with Kontractor.

Lose the pencil and clipboard and process all of your contracts with your iPad. Whether you're old school or new school, Kontractor's super simple interface makes selling home improvement services a breeze. Even the most non-technical contractor can easily build a work-order template, draft a contract, email contracts, customize each contract with your company logo, and view all pending and closed deals.

Plus, use to upload your company's Legal Terms and Conditions. Cut and paste, click, and boom! They are sent directly to your iPad where you can easily create your contract template.