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Panther Calculator

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A great calculator for individuals with motor challenges. Innovative layout provides powerful new access.

Panther Calculator is based on Universal Design principles. Its unique access settings, and innovative arrangement of keys, allow individuals with complex motoric challenges to access a calculator.

See what experts are saying about Panther Technology.

"Panther Apps are providing something novel, fresh and exciting. An innovative platform for building skills and doing everyday tasks - with an interface that is innovative enough to include many people across the Autism Spectrum and intuitive enough for all of us to begin embracing it. In a very complex world, these apps are simplifying the path to increased potential and possibility."
-Marc Sirkin
VP, Autism Speaks

Panther products are not just thoughtful and uniquely creative. They also reflect an expectation that young learners will succeed in ways that may have seemed impossible before. It's rare that products show this kind of respect for its users.
-Alan Brightman
Vice President, Global Accessibility, Yahoo!

“These apps are precisely the kind of solutions that work in a Universally Designed Learning environment. They provide support for those that need it and are easily adjusted up or down as skills develop. Most importantly, the learner can be the one to adjust the supports. Placing the student in the driver’s seat to adjust the presentation in a way they “can” interact with the materials is very empowering.
-Karen Gorman, Assistive Technology Evaluation Coordinator D 75, NYC DOE

If you think iPad Technology is amazing, wait until you see what you can do with Panther apps. Students with output or physical challenges finally have cool new options for success!

-Karen Janowski, Assistive Technology Consultant, Newton, Massachusetts

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