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EISENHOWER is a time management solution based on the Eisenhower matrix, supporting you in prioritizing and getting to-dos done by urgency and importance. It helps you organizing both your business and private tasks altogether, reducing stress while increasing productivity at the same time.

Other apps focus on collecting many lists and tasks, EISENHOWER helps you to actually complete the ones that really matter—through limiting the amount of to-dos per quadrant to 8 and maximizing the happy feeling of completion when finishing one or all of them.

Join many others and be more productive today!

What our users are saying about EISENHOWER:

▶ "Perfect for those with busy lifestyles or who just want to get things done."

▶ "Get this, now, not later. This is how Eisenhower ran a country, might be good for your productivity too."

▶ "Helps me to be productive - quick, easy, efficient."

▶ "This could be the next big thing in productivity apps."

▶ "I absolutely love this application and I find it to actually be hugely useful - having played with it the whole day today and populated it out with tasks I want to achieve to test the theory, I indeed finished each of the "Do First" tasks in order, and achieved Zero-Inbox. This is the most productive day I've had in months!"


▶ Task Counter
On each to-do sheet, you can manage up to 8 tasks. For a better overview on existing workload, open tasks are also indicated on the big navigation tabs.

▶ Focus Mode
For urgent and important tasks, you can use a special timer, helping you to focus on only one task for 30 minutes—even with a ticking sound, if you like.

▶ Schedule & Delegate
Using other task-related actions, you can directly place reminders in your calendar or send e-mails including the tasks to co-workers.

▶ Cloud Sync
If you choose to create an account, EISENHOWER automatically syncs with the free web client on—and vice versa.

▶ Movable Tasks
Like to change priorities for existing tasks? Some less urgent task has suddenly become urgent? Just move them around with tap and hold (long press)!


If you are new to the Eisenhower matrix or just want to refresh your memory, check out our quick video tutorial here:

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App preview:
Eisenhower matrix tutorial:

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