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Stress GPS

iPhone / iPad
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Trying to change your behavior? Eat healthy? Get more exercise? Live within your means? Manage anxiety and stress more effectively?

If you're fueling your change attempt with willpower, your “success” will be temporary.

Why? Because willpower is a finite resource that eventually runs out.

So what's the alternative, you ask?

It’s a sustainable fuel called Steadiness, which refers to the ability to respond effectively to the momentary challenges and stressful situations that make permanent behavior change so elusive for most people.

Stress GPS is an app that helps you strengthen your Steadiness skills "on the go," in real time. Behavior change involves establishing new habits and practicing them daily so that they become your new “routine.”

Behavior changes are threatened by stress, which encourages old habits to resurface against your better judgment. It’s like traveling to somewhere you’ve never been before and getting lost along the way.

Stress GPS provides step-by-step prompts to help you get back on the road toward your behavior change “destination.”

Stress GPS was developed by two psychologists from Iowa who got lost many times before discovering how to change their own behavior permanently. It is part of a novel approach to behavior change called Ready, Steady, Change (RSC) that can help you reach your own change destination and experience a healthier and happier life.

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