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Ecosystems HD

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"This is fantastic! Just what I needed for my class! I loved the amount of media and the immediate feedback on the quizzes." -- Apple Distinguished Educator, USA

"This app does what educators do on their own time. The app gathers informational texts, photos, videos and organizes the resources well for the viewer. This saves a great deal of time for educators. It is also an amazing app for parents who are helping their children understand different habitats. This is a high caliber app that is definitely well worth the cost." -- Apple Distinguished Educator, Canada


Ecosystems HD is a visually engaging and fun exploration of the major biomes of the Earth.

Ever wondered why plants and animals have specific adaptations. Why do plants in the rainforest have drip tip leaves? Why do conifers have needle leaves? Why does the jackrabbit have large ears? How has the camel adapted to the desert? What are some adaptations of marine organisms?

The Ecosystems HD app is an amazing treat for the curious learner.

Photos and videos enhance the learning and describe the characteristics of the biomes and their inhabitants. The Did You Know section has "WOW" facts related to each biome. The text-to-speech function narrates the text for the beginning reader.

The fun ecosystems matching game is great way to learn or reinforce learning about the various ecosystems and their inhabitants. The quiz is based on Bloom's taxonomy and is designed to test not only remembering and understanding but also applying, evaluating, and analyzing the concepts.

The content correlates to Common Core Standards in the USA.


- Curated photos and videos with descriptive text and free periodic update of photos and videos.

- Did You Know section with WOW facts about each topic.

- Easy, Intermediate and Advanced level questions based on Bloom's Taxonomy to test knowledge about the various topics.

- Fun, matching game updated periodically with new content.


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