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OUPC Edu 是一個個人化的電子書架,用家可利用書架輕易下載牛津大學(中國)出版社旗下豐富而優質的教育類電子書。

OUPC Edu電子書架的介面簡潔易用,書架內的書目按科目及年級分類,便於搜尋及閱覽。此外,書架所附的資源庫儲存了電子書中各項多媒體學習材料,方便用家使用。


• 頁數對應實體書,加上快顯目錄,可輕鬆瀏覽電子書
• 篇章朗讀、投影片、動畫、學習遊戲等多媒體教材均可於頁面上即時開啟或播放
• 備「中英對照」按鈕,方便用家以雙語學習
• 網址一按即達,有利延伸學習
• 書中還有更多方便、易用的工具

Enjoy your very own personalized bookshelf with the OUPC Edu app! Experience unmatched convenience in downloading a wide selection of quality educational publications from Oxford University Press (China) Ltd.

With a fresh, user-friendly interface, the OUPC Edu bookshelf gives you the ease of searching and browsing your books by subject and grade level, as well as instant access to any multimedia learning materials in the books via a built-in resource bank.

Downloaded titles are automatically archived, providing you with easy access to your own personalized collection of OUPC educational books packed with interactive features for better learning:

• corresponding print page numbers plus pop-up indexes for easy navigation
• karaoke reading and intuitive multimedia resources that can be instantly played/opened on the page – slideshows, animations, learning games and more
• switching between two languages with the click of a button on each and every page
• embedded web links for easy and convenient extended learning
• handy tools