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Animated Shape Puzzles for Kids and SuperKids

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23 funny designs composed from common geometrical shapes come to life when all the pieces are fitted correctly!

Rotate and resize pieces to complete the puzzles.

The game is designed for 5 years old and older as completing some puzzles from this collection is a real challenge for a kid. This makes the app great for fine motor skills development.

NEW WAY TO RESIZE SHAPES: no need to keep both fingers on the shape! Put one finger on the shape and the other one just on the screen and move them wider or closer to get really tiny shapes.

This app:

- Stimulates imagination and creativity;
- Helps kids in eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills developments.

The uniqueness of the app:

- You may choose pieces of different colours for a new look of a puzzle;
- Add more pieces to find out if they are involved in animation!

We hope that our app gives the start to your kid's creative play. Free play with simple shapes allows for much imagination when building a picture as the possibilities here are never-ending. The room for creativity is one of the most important aspects of a children’s game, so that's why we believe that our puzzles encourage a sort of intellectual freedom and concentration in your little one.

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Also, we have similar apps for younger kids:
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