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Vernier Caliper

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Vernier Caliper K12 app illustrates the process of measuring internal and external diameter of an object accurately. This is a student-friendly app that helps to understand the principle and process of Vernier Caliper using animation and simulation in an easy way. It includes a practice section for students to measure internal and external diameter of an object. Our objective is to make this science concept simple to understand and get in-depth knowledge of the subject.


Theory - Explains in detail about Vernier Caliper and its measurement process.
Parts - For better understanding, all parts of Vernier Caliper are marked in the animation.
Experiment - Includes a 3D simulated experiment set-up to demonstrate how to measure the outer and inner diameter of an object .
Quiz - An interactive quiz to assess the level of understanding with a score board.

Download the Vernier Caliper app and other K12 educational apps published by Ajax Media Tech. With the gamified education model, children will be able to absorb and learn the fundamentals and basics with minimal efforts and maximum retention.