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Kids Painting

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Learning Painting funny for your kids!
The app opens to a blank screen, where a kid is able to choose a tool to use: paint brush, paint bucket or just their finger. An eraser seems more like a white pencil line, rather than an actual eraser. however, is the ability to drop on little mini stickers. The nice part about this is, unlike actual stickers that collect dust, hair and tiny human particles of skin - which eventually cause the stickers to lose their stick - these little guys stay stuck virtually, pixel for pixel. You can also upload an image from your camera roll, and play around by painting over that.
Kids Painting is worth the price of free. The premade stickers make this one and suggest to kids that art can include more than just their own "finger of genius." It can incorporate premade kitsch items, like smiley-face stickers, frogs and hearts. However, you will grow weary of the same stickers and eventually delete the app from your phone all together.