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ChiCho is an application which plays as a time recorder of your daily life and it also is a flip clock with animation on you desktop.

The time record can be viewed with a graph day by day in detail or ChiCho also provides a statistical view which presents an average of your record in a long range of period. You can export csv data of the record from this application by month and manage the data with your PC.
The recording entry can be configured whatever you like (name and icon of entry).

How about reviewing your time with ChiCho ?

Please find the demo movie in our website which shows how to use ChiCho.

How to use ChiCho

A clock view shows up when tapping ChiCho application icon.
A flip clock on the view represents the present time. When you tap the icon button bellow the flip clock, it starts recording the entry illustrated with the icon and the elapsed time from tapping the icon of the entry appears bellow the flip clock.
If you want to stop recording, you just have to tap "Stop" button. However, you can freely replace this "Stop" entry with another one which role is something other than "Stop" (See Setting view). In such case, you can stop recording by tapping the same entry again or other entry button. Tapping other button also starts new recording of the entry.

With the landscape mode, it can be used a flip clock which shows animation. If you turn on "Disable idle timer" in the Setting view, you can disable the sleep timer with the landscape mode. (This is effective when the display shows in the landscape mode).

Tapping the Day tab the graph shows up, which represents how you use your time in a day.
When you tap "Edit" button, you can correct the record which you had recorded by mistake or add a new record which you missed to record. However, you cannot create or modify the record in the future.

When you tap the "Calendar" tab, the Calendar view appears. The hilighted day in the calendar shows that it has time records. You can go to the Day view of the record by tapping the day in this calendar.
"Trash" icon removes the record of the month.
ChiCho sends the record of the month with CSV format by e-mail, so you can import the record and freely use it with your PC.

Another graph shows up with "Statistics", which represents the variation of the averaged record (7days) for each entry. You can confirm how you spend your time in a glance. The period of the record can be changed (50days->100days->200days->400days->50days) with the button labeled "Change Scale". If you want to disable one of the record, it can be turned off by tapping the button bellow the graph. It also updates the record of the day when you touch the point inside the graph.

You can freely add a name of entry and an icon in order to cofigure the entry of the clock view.