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Weigh Down

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Weigh Down Ministries is the PIONEER of faith-based weight loss programs – and the ONLY program that has produced thousands of PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS results!

Since all other diets have failed…Why is this weight loss method permanent? It’s because Weigh Down teaches people HOW to no longer DESIRE extra food if their body is not calling for it…It teaches people HOW to stop in the middle of a candy bar and wrap up the other half for later if your stomach is full. This groundbreaking approach to weight loss has helped thousands of people who have known no end to their hunger or late night binges. Again, this is not like any other diet - because it’s focus is not on the food’s content – but rather on replacing your love for the food with a love for God–which is the only permanent answer. The Weigh Down method has been around since the mid–1980s and does NOT require pills, special foods, or a set exercise program. In fact, you can eat whatever you want! If you're sick of food lists, "have–to" exercise regimens, and yo–yo dieting, Weigh Down is the answer! New York Times best selling author of "The Weigh Down Diet" and founder of Weigh Down Ministries, Gwen Shamblin, shares that the Weigh Down approach to eating is this: With God’s help you can learn to stop in the middle of a meal and have no desire to eat the second half if your stomach is satisfied! God did not put chocolate or lasagna or real blue cheese dressing on earth to torture us, but rather for our enjoyment. However, He wants us to learn how to rise above the magnetic pull of the refrigerator so that food does not consume our lives! Weigh Down identifies the problems in life that anyone can have…and provides solutions to those problems. There is nothing inherently evil about food, alcohol, tobacco, money, credit cards, etc. However, it is wrong to become a slave to any of these things or to let them master you. The good news is: you can be FREE from addiction to ANYTHING if you apply yourself to this Program.

App Features
• Direct access to our Weigh Down Facebook closed group for 24/7 encouragement
• Access to all class videos for class participants.
• Access to participant success tools, including a personal weight chart and Spirit/Flesh calendar
• Access to live webcasts from, including Remnant Fellowship live assemblies, weekly You Can Overcome TV shows, Weigh Down Virtual Rallies and concerts
• Access to replays of "You Can Overcome" episodes.
• Access to WDWB – 24/7 Weigh Down Radio – Online encouragement including Weigh Down lessons, testimonies, music, news, and interviews that play around the clock.

ALSO, find success like never before with Weigh Down’s app’s newest feature, the ability to use Weigh Down ALL ACCESS on your mobile device, anywhere, any time.
(ALL ACCCESS is an optional subscription-based service for $24.99/month that produces results!) Here's how it works:
You can view ALL Weigh Down Class videos on demand right from the App.
You have access to Truthstream, which contains hundreds of life-changing audios & videos covering subjects like parenting, marriage and how to escape addictions! And more content will be added regularly!
Visit our website for more information.

Go back to the approach you had when you were a child…freedom to eat what your body was calling for – only when you were hungry – then STOPPING when you were full. You can do that again…starting now! The Weigh Down App gives you the tools for success with weight and with any of life's struggles.