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iMegacities Quiz Game

iPhone / iPad
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With the help of iMegacities - which was developed by a teacher - you will learn to match big cities with their place on the world map. iMegacities does not just interrogate present knowledge, but rather you will learn what you do not know yet. You do not need any background knowledge; the program will lead you from the simple tasks to the more advanced ones. First of all, you will have to answer a puzzle consisting of an extract of the world map, where you can also see where the megacities are located. Each correct move is worth one point.

The second step is to allocate predefined tags, which contain the names of the cities you have seen before, to their correct place on a map. When you are not sure about the location of a city, you may try different options and the program will give you a feedback immediately. If you are not sure at all, you may use the 'cheating aid': if you press the according button, you will get to see the first letter of all cities for some seconds. If you want to complete a certain task better than you already have, you may have one retry. You have only a limited amount of time to complete each task. A moving bar indicates how much time is left. You get two points for each city you have identified correctly.

The next task is more difficult: you have to find the correct location of several cities on a map. In contrast to the second task, there are no given indications on the map. For each city you find on the map, you get three points. Also here, you may make use of the 'cheating aid', which shows you the hidden indications on the map for a brief moment.

After that much work, you will get to see four photographs and have to find out to which city it belongs. Each correct match adds one point to your score. Also here, you may make use of the trial-and-error method.

The final test will challenge your long-term memory: You have to complete the same tasks as before without using the 'cheating aid'. Still, you have enough time available to complete the tasks and you may also repeat each task once. In this exam mode, you even get 4 points for each correct move!

Ideally you start at the beginning and work through until the end. Nevertheless, you may also choose a certain chapter from the table of contents; in this case you get a separate evaluation for this chapter. iMegacities provides a good memory training as well as brain jogging which is a pleasure for kids, youths and adults. In addition, when you are able to know where the world- and megacities are located, it will be easier to pick up the daily news and you can steadily improve your general knowledge.

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