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The Drive-Safe app for your iPhone makes it easier to use Vodafone DriveSafe by writing and addressing the on/off messages for you. Simply tap the "Start Driving" button to send the "Drive On" command. Tap the "Stop Driving" button when you arrive to send the "Drive Off" command.

Drive-Safe will even track your location and automatically remind you to turn off the service if you stop moving for more than 15 minutes.

Important Notes:

1. This app is NOT developed by, or for, Vodafone New Zealand and is in no way connected with Vodafone New Zealand. It is my attempt to make a Vodafone service even easier to use in the hope that more people will use it and be less tempted to text while driving. For more information on the DriveSafe service, visit the Vodafone web site (

2. DriveSafe only replies to SMS messages. The "I'm driving" message will not be sent to people who send you a message with iMessage (i.e. other iPhone users). We will have to wait for a solution from Apple for that.