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Minutes - A Business Memo Maker

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Minutes is an iPad application that assists you in creating text effectively. The application provides 26 “reserved keys” for the support of inserting phrases, and arrow keys for moving the cursor. It is designed for composing new minutes in a meeting or seminar where speed is required.

[Minutes: Features]

“One-tap” input to insert fixed registered expressions with 26 “reserved keys.”
Register any phrases that you frequently use on 26 “reserved keys” above your iPad’s keyboard, then use them to insert the registered expressions just by tapping the “reserved key.”
In addition to fixed phrases, keywords, and proper nouns, you can register any commonly-used strings on the “registered keys,” such as line breaks, spaces, various kinds of symbols, and separator lines.

The arrow keys moves the cursor.
You can move your cursor with the arrow keys to the right of the “reserved keys.” This helps you move the cursor to any arbitrary position without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Other features
- Minutes supports forwarding created minutes by email for compliance with various corporate policies.
- Minutes created with the Minutes application have 72 characters per line when forwarded, in order to avoid the difference in line breaks between Minutes and mail clients.
- The “Date” button adds convenience for titling documents.
- Two skins are provided (relaxing wood and chic monochrome).
- Requests and feedback through the App are welcome.

[Minutes: Usage scenarios]

Using "reserved keys" to expand functionality
- Register numeric characters from “0” to “9” to enable inserting numbers without switching the keyboard panel.
- Register people's names, company names, and other proper nouns to write draft minutes.
- Register separator lines, symbols, and spaces to write outlines or project proposals
- Register the names of interviewees and spectators to create notes during an interview.
- Register the names of characters, places, and terms to help write a novel
- Register html tags to create a simple Web editor.

Arrange the “registered keys” to suit yourself
You can re-register the keys as much as you want, so you can experiment to find your preferred positions and phrases. You can also change the order of the “reserved keys” as you wish. For example, you can register commonly-used phrases on the nearest “reserved keys,” and register long strings that you may not use them so often such as the header or footer of a message on the other “registered keys.”

[Minutes: Features]

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later

Editor screen
- First line of document used as title of document
- “Registered keys” added with Add key
- 26 “registered keys” for registering phrases
- One-tap input to insert fixed registered expression with "registered keys”
- Cross key for moving the cursor
- “Date” button
- Links with email program (send the created minutes document)

Document selection screen
- Document files displayed in chronological order
- Skin Selection
- Deletion
- Help pages
- Requests for enhancement and other feedback

Requests and feedback through the following link are welcomed.
Please use this form for your feedback, requests for enhancement,bug reports, and defect reports for this application:
Web form: